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לימור תמיר
לוגו אנגלית
limor tamir


I was born in Tel Aviv in 1964 and for most of my childhood, I lived in and absorbed Kibbutz Hulda.

In my youth I lived in Jerusalem and then returned to Tel Aviv.

Today I am happily married to Adi (a lecturer in positive psychology) and together we are raising our beloved daughter Yuval.

In summer 2007, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which changed my life completely (and I'm glad that it did). My encounter with Naturopath and the researcher  Mrs. Ilana Rogel led to my major life change. I was introduced to the knowledge that she has been sresearching for many years, including how illnesses are created, what they represent, and how nutrition supports recovery.

The tools and guidance which I received stopped my illness after about a year, which amazed me and led me to change my profession and turn to training others to recover.

Since 2010, I have been serving as a coach for Emotional and physical recovery (from Parkinson's, cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and more) using the same methods with which I work on myself. I also manage the Lighthouse Center – where spirit and matter walk hand in hand.


I have no greater satisfaction than guiding and coaching people who came to me with an illness and after a few sessions, I see the spark come back to their eyes and their hearts start beating again. The only tool that I work with and believe in is raising awareness and widening consciousness. I do not at all reject assistance and support with medications, but it is clear to me that without awareness work and a person's understanding of their self and their journey, the illness may return and overwhelm them.

Taking responsibility, believing in oneself and living with internal agreement is what guides and focuses me.

Come, I am here.







For those interested in learning more about the workshops:

Since 2007, I am healing myself on a daily basis from multiple sclerosis with awareness and consciousness work, and invite you to "copy my work".

Over the past decade, I have been blessed to learn and train revolutionary and amazing content from my guide   Mrs. Ilana Rogel.

Ilana is the one who granted me the tools and path to live in physical/ emotional balance, with multiple sclerosis in the background of my life.

With a shared vision, in 2011 we established the Lighthouse Center together with Ilana Rogel and my partner Adi Feld. At the Lighthouse Center, people create miracles while studying in our various courses.

A workshop led by me for emotional recovery from multiple sclerosis was opened.

The workshop has four sessions – Three of which are group sessions, and the last is a one-on-one concluding training session. The workshop is an introduction to a "new language" and focuses on the emotional aspects which are the source of the illness.

 The understanding of how I created my illness has led me to the path of taking  responsibility and focusing on creating my health.

The content of the workshop is based on the books and life research by Ilana Rogel "On Green and Gray Matters" and "On Perfect Random Order".

During the workshop, we will discuss:

  • A bit about from where and why we came to Earth.

  • What is a soul contract?

  • How conflict between mind and emotion create illness.

  • Get to know our creation – multiple sclerosis.

  • What does myelin represent on an emotional level?

  • What is nutrition on an energy/emotional level?

  • Participants will receive online homework to raise awareness and widen consciousness.

  • My wish is that you start the workshop on one path and finish it on another…


     As far as I am concerned, coaching, in principle, should bring us from point A to point B to awaken us and motivate us to conduct ourselves differently from the way we do now.


    Training for emotional and physical recovery is designed to change the way we perceive, approach, and look at different situations, with the focus being on self-perception and on our relationship with our own selves.


    The knowledge that we all have the tools to get ourselves back on track focuses my role on helping people create the desired awakening within themselves and guiding them to a different perspective and interpretation of the events in reality.


    Each case is individual. However, in my experience, it takes an average of 4-6 sessions to create a conceptual change.

    I work with healthy people on personal issues, and of course I work with people who have created some kind of an illness in their lives. I find every day that when our emotions are in balance, then our physical bodies join in the celebration of life.


    I work through Skype with people all over the world.


    Limor Tamir





    Thank you!

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